BREAKING: DSA votes to endorse Open Borders and a Green New Deal program at Atlanta Convention

Delegates of the Democratic Socialists of America convened in Atlanta for their 2019 National Convention, where they overwhelmingly voted in favor of resolutions that, among other things, call for open borders and endorsing a Green New Deal program.

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Black Metal For The Oppressed

“Antifascist metal is the most dangerous kind there is, because it holds the revolutionary potential to enact actual change, to challenge oppressive structures and systems of power, and to provide marginalized people with the support and space they need to become more involved with a scene that desperately needs their perspectives.”

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All My Friends Live In My Phone and So Do I: Part VI

by Michael Malloy
Part VI: Finding Our Phones Again

When we talk about the future today, we envision the valleys and peaks of the modern world in sharp relief. Our flirtation with inadvertent self-extinction through climate collapse brings to some despair, to others a perverse and nihilistic joy. Still others reject in principle that the danger is real.

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Cathedral Full of Mirrors

by Tyler Walicek
This article appears in our first print issue, Pattern Machines.

I have been swept up in many addictions over the course of my life, as we all have in one way or another. Yet few have been as insidious and bewildering as my entanglement in the compulsive loops that drive the modern Internet.

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