Cathedral Full of Mirrors

by Tyler Walicek
This article appears in our first print issue, Pattern Machines.

I have been swept up in many addictions over the course of my life, as we all have in one way or another. Yet few have been as insidious and bewildering as my entanglement in the compulsive loops that drive the modern Internet.

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Castle Doctrine

by Miles Klee and Madeline Gobbo

The man under the bed held his breath. The opening wasn’t wide enough for a body, but it looked like an escape. The man hadn’t heard the alarm in time to make his. The wobbly electric sobs made him want to call his mother. He would be late for their appointment, but he’d never intended to go.

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All My Friends Live In My Phone and So Do I: Part V

Part V: Keeping the Lights On
by Michael Malloy

I’m getting tired of using the word “technology” in this series. It feels so vaguely retrospective, like I’m referring to some historical phenomenon, and not, for instance, the laptop I’m writing on right now.

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