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Protean produces cutting-edge print and digital media for the discerning leftist, sans advertisements.

Protean is a nonprofit leftist media collective that produces print magazines and an online literary journal. Each print edition contains approximately 100 perfect-bound, full-color, ad-free pages that address the most pressing issues of our time. Our online journal showcases multiple pieces of free content—essays, fiction, poetry, and art—on a weekly basis.

Our mission is to promote high-quality criticism, literature, and art for the political left.

Literature and art have essential roles to play in social movements. They examine the world through different lenses, encourage us to seek alternative perspectives, and give shape to what is amorphous. They aid us in reflecting on the past, embracing the moment, and inventing the future. They are precious lights in dark times.

Our content has been described as follows:

“Killer illustrations.”
“Some of the best writing on technology I’ve ever read.”
“What good literature looks like.”
“The finest purveyor of left-wing art and culture right now.”

Protean is brought to you by the Protean Collective.

The Protean Collective is a distributed group of leftist writers, journalists, academics, and artists who operate as a democratic collective.

Publisher: Steven
Editor: Tyler
Art Director: Slug
Poetry Editors: Dom & Nikki
Web Designer: Abbey

Protean is a certified 501(c)3 nonprofit.
We are funded by our readers. We pay our contributors fair compensation for their labor.

As a leftist nonprofit operation, our focus is on the quality of our work, not the size of our margins. We sell magazines and raise funds so that we can pay writers and artists to create high-quality work. Profit is not in the equation. We commit to fair rates up front, do not ask writers or artists to work on spec, and always pay prior to publication.

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