About Us

Protean Magazine collects cutting edge literature and art for the discerning leftist, sans-advertisements.

We publish our print edition biannually. Our web content is updated on weekly basis.

Our content has been described as follows:

“Killer illustrations.”
“Some of the best writing on technology I’ve ever read.”
“What good literature looks like.”
“Toilet paper.”

Our mission is to promote high quality literature and art for the political left.

Fiction, poetry, art, and essays all have an essential role to play in a social movement. They examine things through different lenses to give more shape to what is amorphous. They help us reflect on the past, embrace the moment, and face the possibilities of the future. They’re also often entertaining, a crucial light in dark times.

We pay our contributors fair compensation for their labor. Our editors work for free.

As a nonprofit operation, our goal lies in the quality of our work, not the size of our margins. We sell magazines and raise funds so that we can pay left leaning writers and artists to create high quality work.