Mother Earth Cries in the Pharmacy Drive-Thru at Walgreens

by Nikki Wallschlaeger

The unfoldment continues. The pills work less and less but she still gives them her name for the system, their valiant system, her phone number, her accumulation of points for consumable goods that will outlast her.

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I Saw the Best Socialists of My Generation Cancel Allen Ginsberg

by James Cactus

He’s written worse, but the line “I smoke marijuana every chance that I get” should in a just world be adequate to condemn Allen Ginsberg to hell and obscurity.

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April 15, 2017

by Wendy Trevino

25,000 in San Francisco.
Twenty five thousand people marching with
A “Trump chicken” down Market Street toward
The Ferry Building because “Trump’s a big
Chicken for not releasing his taxes.”

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The Rules for Black Women Dating White Men in 2019

by Ajah Hales

If you decide to date a white boy,
You are no longer pro black.
It does not matter that you were on the ground in East St. Louis,
That you stood vigil for Troy and Trayvon long before
Black Lives Matter?

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