Resistance in the Ruins of Empire: Reclaiming Neofolk for Antifascism

by Shane Burley. Nøkken And The Grim embody just about every feature of a dark music subculture that makes many uncomfortable. Paganism, romanticism, anti-modernity, deep ecology—a miasma of radical expressions that tend to hew either leftist or very, very far to the right. This is why so many have written off the neofolk genre entirely as the work of fascists.

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All My Friends Live In My Phone and So Do I: Part VI

by Michael Malloy
Part VI: Finding Our Phones Again

When we talk about the future today, we envision the valleys and peaks of the modern world in sharp relief. Our flirtation with inadvertent self-extinction through climate collapse brings to some despair, to others a perverse and nihilistic joy. Still others reject in principle that the danger is real.

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