Diagnostician’s Note

[sarah] Cavar


Some are learned
in the ways of panting.

Some leather gestures

You are a student of your own body:
Pleasure the selected photograph.

Derive the side-table.
She can’t stand

In her obstinate

–– is bleeding
From the bedroom.

Ask me:
What constitutes a victim
-less crime?

Nothing is benign when laced
within your spinal warfare.

You are not immune

To conceptual frameworks. Not even
The ones that bring out

Your eyes.


[sarah] Cavar is a PhD candidate and transMad writer-about-town. Their debut novel, Failure to Comply, is forthcoming with featherproof books (2024). Cavar is editor-in-chief of manywor(l)ds.place, and has had work published in CRAFT Literary, Split Lip Magazine, Electric Lit, and elsewhere. More atwww.cavar.club, @cavar on BlueSky, and @cavarsarah on twitter.

“Diagnostician’s Note” originally appeared in Mudroom Magazine. 

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