Guitar-Shaped Forest

Brett Belcastro


I met Money one day and I said: “You are CEO of Google,
Sundar Pichai. It’s World War 11 and
This is a hydrogen bomb.”
While I am dreaming, schools are shut
and teachers read lessons on the radio:

________This Dad shaved his head
________A storm washed this puffer fish away
________This Man Planted Guitar-Shaped Forest

That is a good idea.
We should plant various fruit trees on city sidewalks
and everyone (including the homeless)
would eat all year. It could last lifetimes.

I won an award for suggesting that
students should focus our sculpture into scrap:
that there are stones to be broken. There are stones in Romania,
for instance, which grow or multiply 3D portraits
from DNA found on cigarette butts.
It’s the only thing on earth with this capacity.


Brett Belcastro is a writer, communist, and retro CGI enthusiast. His writing has appeared in Tupelo Quarterly, Landfill, the Cobalt Review, and is forthcoming in Misery Tourism.

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