Shift Drink 8-4

Jonathon Todd


It’s like cold as a holding place for hunger / occupied theater / overcast & cafes / phone calls and heat / understated / kicks on / flame fashioned from long walks / between the hallways of this building / call it surveillance & a passive meal/blades & the knowledge of oxygen as space / somewhere other than here / memory hands out business cards/subway platforms / secret maps/vibrations/announcements from city hall/language as occupations/curfews and obsolete distance/production as finite rage / the universal vanishing point/debt as milk & things scattered / collection / collective / correction as windows / show don’t tell / as abstractions / show your work / as mosaics of  broken glass / fuck this state / show your work / everyday piecemeal / pickup the city / useless metaphors / sell us hunger & cold / the city / the empty / the absurd / show your work


Jonathon Todd is a poet and musician living in Philadelphia. His work deals with observations mainly written between breaks, trying to find humanity outside of and within labor. His work has been featured in Philadelphia Stories, Prolit Mag, and Protean, among others. His chapbook Over/time was released from Moonstone Press (2019).

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