No Longer Alone

Howard Moon


Spending years in white schools learning Colonial history
Always perched on the edge
Always rebelling against something
_______Capitalism – Imperialism – War – Colonialism
Never comfortable with the status quo
Living in the white world but never feeling at home
________Feeling out of place

The spirit of grandfather came to me reminding me of my ancestors
Reminding me I am Native – an Indian
Reminding me I will always be out of place in this land that was ours for centuries
Reminding me our homes were stolen and destroyed
Reminding me I am one of The People a resident of Turtle Island

I still live in a white world
Now I understand my place
I understand – my ancestors provide me guidance and strength
Provide me history – the history of this land and our People

This white world may be my home but it is not my world
It is not who I am
I live with the spirits of my ancestors – I am Sac and Fox Nation
I still rebel against Imperialism – Capitalism – War – Colonialism
No longer confused or feeling like an outcast

I am one of The People – My ancestors have always guided me
I stand with all who have come before me
I was never alone


Howard Moon is a writer and poet whose work has appeared in multiple collections and anthologies, including Small Change, Montana Mouthful, Das Literarisch Journal, Of Poets and Poetry, and Native Skin. He is of Native heritage and identifies as BIPOC. In 2012, he suffered a brain injury and has been diagnosed with a mental illness — Pseudobulbar Affect. He has also been diagnosed with hemiplegia. He is retired and lives in central Florida with his wife and service dog.

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