Tiffany Katz


The revolution scheduled for 3:36 pm at the corner of Sunset and Occidental Blvd —
near the Cuban coffee shop where you reluctantly fell in love
for the fourth time (or the third; one can never really be sure),
next to the furniture store whose customizations
gather dust in the window display while
violently neon sectionals that pre-date Balcerowicz’s
shock therapy in Poland tend to sell sensationally
across from the sponged adobe apartments you’ve never
seen anyone exit or enter,
and a brisk walk from the reservoir,
which like all public space is embraced
by an unseemly fence that homeowners
voted on unanimously in a meeting
only attended by those who
know every rule of lacrosse —

has been canceled until further notice.
The government (you know the one) promised to send
money through the post on an undisclosed date
in the uncertain future.

They’re sorry for whatever you’re testy about.
But rest assured, you can stay home
if you have one.



Tiffany Katz (she/her) is a playwright and ILWU organizer in Los Angeles, California. Her most recent work for the stage was called a “frightening comedy of manners.”

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