Use Value

Brendan Joyce


No one should have to work in temperatures
I think as Jeff Bezos recites the labor
theory of value on his way to space.
There is almost no temperature in space
so I should revise that; no one should
have to. Should is an easy place to get
robbed; you put all your desire there
& walk away. Come back the next
day & you’ve been conscripted into
a moon colony for overachieving
oligarchs, laying out the charcuterie
in their interstellar lair, passing
hor d’oeuvres on a tray made of
the title to your landlord’s home,
slinging gin & tonics to super
rich septuagenarians as Jeff
rings his fork against his flute and
says “I just want to thank every
Amazon employee for paying for
all of this.”



Brendan Joyce is the co-organizer of Grieveland and is the author of Love & Solidarity and Character Limit.

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