Steven Lazarov



one of the best feelings in the world
is calling a fucking pig a fucking pig
to their fucking pig face


when I walk up to a pig w their riot visor down
& say fuck you pig, melt your badge
& burn your uniform—I don’t call a pig
a pig to their pig face bc it feels good
I call a pig a pig because we should see
the leashes around their neck


just got back from the action in Humboldt / Logan
the State had the pigs in riot gear lined up
in front of their pen like a wedding receiving line
very convenient to communicate our terms to each pig by name:
melt your badge & gun, burn your uniform

three pigs, visors down, stood
at the end of the receiving line
& openly gripped their billy clubs
in upright striking position & pounded the baton
into their waiting palm

I bet you can only get hard
with that baton in your hand
ready to beat some one

when I get beaten again, I’m gonna blame Deleuze
& my poppy for being a fucking smart ass all the time
& myself of course, I will remind myself:
none of us are to blame—it’s the fucking pig’s fault
for being a fucking pig


Steven Lazarov is working on a Ph.D. in English at Illinois State University. He is a member of the Graduate Workers Union, currently in mediation for their first contract. Solidarity is power. 

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