Steven Duong


I am spending the day in bed
reading recipes for
molotov cocktails

tonight I’ll burn paper
in the name of love
raise two armies on Venmo

I hope to see a Tesla kiss a brick wall

it’s a fucking chore to live in this nation
of content creators
filling the void
………..with The Void

but I do it

& when Florida slips into the waves
I pray for the nail salons

& when the expat compares his home
to a phantom limb
I ignore him

I write a poem for the white hoods
& a poem for my dad

………….it’s the same poem

I kiss a brick wall

I light incense for no one in particular
allow the smoke to go
where smoke goes

to be a citizen is to be

an evening with filed teeth
an hour full of smaller hours

a red line gunning for the bottom



Steven Duong is an American writer from San Diego, CA. He’s got poems in Guernica, AGNI, The Massachusetts Review, and other venues. As of now, he lives in Allston, MA with his loved ones.

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