We’re halfway to our Kickstarter goal. Order our print edition—with a bonus free art print!

Our third print edition, Breathing Room, is now available for order. If you haven’t yet picked up your copy, pre-ordering through our Kickstarter is the only way to do so. We’re halfway to our fundraising goal—help us get all the way there!

We’re also adding a bonus offer: those who order at tiers that include our print edition will receive a free 6×9 in. print of the above artwork. This offer is only available until the conclusion of our fundraising on March 31st.

Protean Issue 3 Digital .pdf Edition ($10)
Protean Issue 3 Print Edition ($20)*
Protean Issues 2 + 3 Discount Bundle ($35)*
Protean Issue 3 + Cover Art Poster ($75)*
Protean Lifetime Subscription ($300)*

*Includes Bonus Art Print

Here’s the Kickstarter link again. Thanks to all who have ordered and pitched in—your support allows us to keep publishing top-notch leftist writing and art while paying all writers and artists at fair rates.

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