Shift Drink 4/4

by Jonathon Todd

When was the first time? / are you even born yet / tumbling through as an accident / lungs that fold onto themselves / church that folds its hands behind their backs / or / is it sound emanating from everywhere / your dumb curiosity / heightened / a lack of understanding of the material /

Maybe you learn about objects hurtling through space / when the can hits the back of your head / or / you learn how to lay stone / start piecing things together / like value / or / how time can stand still if you focus / /or / learning to read intention in a crowded room / so that your first descent is an aimless accident / you learn to push, pull, & stumble / or /is it brief preparation for intention / or / is it the freedom to destroy activity? / or / is it collective memory dragging its hair behind our backs?




Jonathon Todd is a poet and musician living in South Philadelphia. His work deals with observations written on breaks, trying to find humanity outside and within labor. His work has been featured in Philadelphia Stories, Prolit Magazine, and Paintbucket, among others. His first chapbook Over/time is out now on Moonstone Press.

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