Why Must I Yelp While Being Shot At?

by Nomax Jodevaski

If there was a seesaw
or a barrel, the effect
would not be so pronounced.
I can’t bluster honest grace
without a lie to hold for balance.

I sound ridiculous.

It’s only when I can count on
unsure footing that I’m certain
the Earth won’t betray me
like a 7-11 door (next to one
that’s open) that’s locked.

I hate looking stupid.

With just me saying so
this will sound stupid
but if we all were on dirt feet
together we could be able
to together use each other for
balance, together. The only
problem is we aren’t all dumb
as penguins checking on whales.

Nomax Jodevaski is an official socialist organizer in California. He works in plastics. His first collection of poetry is due to be published soon.

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