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The Canon of American Tragedy: Luke O’Neil’s Welcome to Hell World

by Saritha Ramakrishna. In the foreword to Welcome to Hell World, Luke O’Neil admits that he does not know what his book is. It covers a lot: loneliness and addiction in all their forms, absurdity and cruelty and how they’re often paired together, people as soft matter shredded by this nation’s exploitative systemThe collection hits upon all the major works in the canon of Americanness: opioid addiction, the border wall, climate change, pollution, the healthcare system, police violence, mass shootings, etc.

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Submissions Call – Protean Issue 3: Breathing Room

The Italian communist philosopher Franco “Bifo” Berardi devoted his 2018 book Breathing to our “contemporary condition of breathlessness”—a condition which has only grown more acute in the years since its publication. Berardi frames the act of breathing as “a vibrational search to attune oneself to one’s environment.” Yet to do so in this era would…

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Troubling Solidarity

by C.M. Lewis. Solidarity has a new life. Few speeches at a union convention go without some mention of solidarity; it is part of the lingua franca of the labor movement. But now that the rise of the Occupy movement and the candidacy of Bernie Sanders, among other forces, have popularized left-wing rhetoric for a broader audience, it’s worth examining: when we say “solidarity,” what do we mean?

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