Volume I, Issue I: Pattern Machines

In our inaugural issue of original essays, fiction, poetry, and art, we explore how technology impacts the human condition. 

Pattern Machines examines how endless streams of information can lead to individualized forms of insanity and dislocation, the ways in which social media is not merely reflecting the world but remaking it in its own image; how search trends can reveal societal pathologies, and much, much more.

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PRELIMINARIES : An opening broadside.

The Resistable Rise of Pattern Machines
A manifesto, of sorts
by The Collective


PABLUM: Light discussion; easily digestible fare.

Notified Off The Wagon
By The Collective

by Caris Fawcett

Oedipal Cuckplex
by The Collective


PAEANS: Poetry in the service of…

The Bygone Tree
by David Williams III

Livestreaming the Apocalypse
by Steven Monacelli

Bannded From Tinder
by Catherine Chambers


PALAVER: Ruminations punctuated with analysis.

Cathedral Full of Mirrors
by Tyler Walicek

Simulacra and Self-Simulation
by Steven Monacelli


PROSAICS: Fictive flights of fancy.

Final Dispatch From the InfoWars
by Carl Harris 

by Seth Garben