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Late Fascism: An Interview with Alberto Toscano, Part 2

This is the second part of a two part interview with Italian philosopher Alberto Toscano about his new book, Late Fascism, in which he discusses, among other things, fascism’s “religion of death,” the superstructural terrain of the fight against fascism, the new temporality of the climate crisis, and whether fascism’s internal dynamics mean that it will always collapse under its own contradictions.

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I Grant You Refuge

It is our great honor to publish this translation of “I Grant You Refuge” by Palestinian poet, novelist, and teacher, Hiba Abu Nada. “Refuge” was written on October 10th and is among the last pieces she composed before being martyred by an Israeli airstrike on October 20th. We are beyond grateful to Huda Fakhreddine for her incredible translation from the original Arabic.

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