Little Dog Day

Gion Davis


Horchata in a styrofoam cup
Oil derricks nodding
Inside city limits
Subdivision houses flimsy
As lady fingers
I can’t wait to find
A dry place to sit down
If you’re from America
I don’t think you can
Ever understand it
Although maybe that’s
Giving too little credit
To fish in the water
It’s less about riding
The bronc and more the moment
Before the chute opens
A country is a condition
Under which we are allowed
To give that cowboy nod
And start the clock but not
Whether we want to hurt or
Be hurt and it does
Hurt everybody


Gion Davis is a queer poet from Española, New Mexico where they grew up on a sheep ranch. Their poetry has been featured in  Wax Nine Journal, SELFFUCK, Okay Donkey Magazine, and others. Gion can be found on Instagram @starkstateofmind and on Twitter @gheeontoast.

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