cut yr hair / we eat wonderbread

Blue Nguyen


i grew up on / food stamps / and
canned vienna sausages / i grew
up on microwaved / pizza rolls
and on wonderbread / and fluff
we used to watch / the birds
when i was younger / i
thought i was a bird / as
a kid / i knew / we couldn’t
afford / time around the / house

my mother used / to braid my
hair / once i cut my bangs
with safety scissors / and
thought i could fly / and so
i know / what hunger / looks
like / and so / in the morning

i will / learn to bake / you
bread / and we won’t / be
hungry / and we won’t / make
love on an empty / stomach
i will cut yr hair / with / the
scissors you / found in yr
room / and you will / love
someone else / and i will
eat god in the / morning
and the sun / and the sun
and the sun / doesn’t even
know me yet.



Blue (fka Jude) Nguyen is a Vietnamese non-binary lesbian poet based out of Boston, MA. They are an Aries/Taurus cusp in love with liminal spaces. They have been nominated for Best of the Net Anthology and Best New Poets Anthology. Their poetry can be found at The Mantle Poetry and Glass: A Journal of Poetry. You can find them on Instagram: @blue.ngu and on Twitter: @queerqhost.

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