The Elite

Julianne Neely


certainty  in   self   realization   after
failing   and   I   do   not   trust
this   assembly   what   is   quality
assembly   relies   upon   a   profitable
enterprise   relies   upon   a   striver   upon
a   portrait   of   novel   and   vast   up
heavals   world   where   to   pour
historic   concentrations   of   commerce
concentrations   of   themselves   that   they
believe   advanced   knowledge   incorrect
knowledge   not   true   knowledge   and
they   want   to   ignore   skill   immense
wealth   the   launching   pad   where
wealth   approaching   billions   began
surplus   supply   chains   intelligence
modification   the   professors   the   rush
of   life   many   boasted   enable   one
another   affair   or   travel   fresh
departments   tuning   herding   conditioning
indiscernible   as   they   teach   political
philosophy   from   western   canon   become
leaders   of   a   force   that   data   and
credentialism   the   overachiever   and   strength
of   the   American   university   they   write

but they cannot write a poem hell
like I can write a poem



Julianne Neely earned her MFA degree from the Iowa Writer’s Workshop, where she received the Truman Capote Fellowship, the 2017 John Logan Poetry Prize, and a Schupes Fellowship for Poetry. She is currently a Poetics Ph.D candidate and an English Department Fellow at the University at Buffalo. Her writing has been published in Hyperallergic, VIDA, The Poetry Project, The Rumpus, The Iowa Review, and more.

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