I’m not mad just disappeared

Kamden Hilliard


What’s an hourly spent flirting dead
money into eclipsical “pain?”
Happiness offer e      v      e       r  y

sin gle di git as oft as i need edit.
                                                  my lil Thesis!:

Wyts are racist;
Gone weakheaded
under living work,
water, those ways
to lease resistance.

Or, the protools of race.
Or, the simple,
common fact that Wyts,
when taken as a whole
lake of hungry money,
are racist insofar that they
soak wet & luv that shet.


Kamden Hilliard is a Black, non-binary settler from Oah’u. They are the author of three chapbooks and hold an MFA from the Iowa Writers Workshop. Kam is the 2020-2022 Anisfield-Wolf Fellow in Publishing and Writing.

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