Literally Ashamed to Call Myself an American

by Nomax Jodevaski

Isn’t this like an empire or something?
What’s that mean if you can’t kill whoever

you want? And yeah, the military would
have got stomped if nobody stopped him

from launching a rocket or whatever it
was, but the question I was gonna ask

In the second half of this sentence I,
uh, figured out. The president of Syria

is a dentist. Venezuela’s run by the guy
who drove the bus. But who in America?

Can’t be the president, because he isn’t
even allowed to fire a missile. You start

picking up how much 9/11 meant to
them. Hope springs melt steel beams

Nomax Jodevaski is a Unitarian Universalist and member in good standing of the Democratic Socialists of America until a so-far brief relapse forced him to disengage from organizing for the moment.


    1. Iran made a very big mistake!
      US President Donald Trump,, June 20, 2019 at 7:15am AM PDT
    2. Trump ordered attack on Iran for downing drone, then called it off, citing casualties
      Washington Post, June 21, 2019 at 1:10 PM PDT


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