They Are Unkillable

by Prince Bush

The Asian Sheepshead Wrasse wakes
As a woman, rested as a man.
Fish are fanatical in their fervor for
Being vulnerable, transgender, science-based,
Evidence-based, deserving the right to go
In a private cave and make a physical change
Or not, and be called he or she, or neither, without
A disrespectful search. The fish help reductive
Cerebrums see something other than their fetus—
Or nerveless thinking, entitled to the igniferous.
Knowledge-less seagulls, which dislike most people,
Will likely eat the first fish they see, but
Thankfully, this fish is too large, and is on
Netflix, a genderless idea allowed, on
Blue Planet II, a genderless document allowed
By it, since they are unkillable—and must be watched.

Prince Bush is a poet majoring in English at Fisk University. More of his published work can be found on his website.

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